Happy Birthday to The Scrying Orb

One year.

Last April, I started this blog theorizing I had much to gain by composing my thoughts on the books I read. It has been a successful endeavor. While reading, I knew I must always come away with something to say. It made me a more careful reader, and made me consider more thoroughly the author’s decisions and whether they succeeded or failed or fell somewhere in between in their goals. I have become a better reader and, hopefully, a writer. At the very least, it has made me a more consistent writer.

While I created this mostly for myself, The Scrying Orb does enjoy a handful of visitors daily. I can’t really call this a bareboned, scant content blog anymore and have plans to improve.

1. I am going to improve the design of the blog. It’s sort of embarrassing that it is so sparse when visual design is a major part of my day job. Time to spend some time browsing themes and some labor spent in photoshop and sundry.

2. I wrote on a few games and movies, but the blog is almost entirely book reviews. I want to expand my writing on other media. Similarly, I would like to create some content that is not tied specifically to one creative piece. Actual articles, I mean.

I have updated the about page to reflect the above. Here’s to another year.

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