Update from the middle of a Latin American Opus

I haven’t updated in a while and it is not because I am dead or not reading books (synonymous states). Instead, I am reading Terra Nostra by Carlos Fuentes — a 1000 page monstrosity that is possibly the most dense book I have ever read.

Seriously, look at this shit:

costaThat is a totally average page. There’s plenty with no paragraph breaks at all and nary a period. Comma Comma Comma. If anyone ever complains Infinite Jest or a Pynchon novel is inaccessible I ought to throw this book at them. But not literally as that would be dangerous.

It’s pretty good though.

As I am still a good 3-400 pages from completion and forgetting what writing a review is even like, I will write on some of the excellent movies I have seen in the past week in the next few days.

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