Happy Birthday to The Scrying Orb, year 2

happybirthdayA day late anyway.

At the close of year 1, I vowed to better visually design the look and feel of the blog. That didn’t really happen. A few weeks ago, I was browsing the web and saw a blog with the same wordpress theme as mine and thought damn, that looks dated. So I changed the theme to a more modern, clean look. From the theme of twentyten to that of twentyfifteen (!!). The 2012-14 designs were getting a little too overthought w/r/t responsive design and hidden navigation. 2015 went back to functional, but nice to look at.

I also wanted to write about more than books and write articles not specifically tied to reviews. I succeeded, somewhat, on the former goal. I wrote about video games a bunch (and a few movies), but I’m not sure I’m happy with those reviews. It’s harder to sum up a game quickly, especially with an ambiguous audience. How deep to go into minutia? How familiar with game mechanics to assume in tone? Anyway, still working on that.

As for articles not tied to reviews, I failed at that completely. I’ll continue that as a goal for year 3.

In addition, I plan to try writing longer reviews here and there. This won’t change then general pacing of this blog and my reviews, but I have noticed both popular fan and professional reviews occasionally go way in-depth in their reviews (and it can be enlightening). Not something for every time, but for a few pieces that really strike me.

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